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What is top of the funnel marketing?

Marketing happens in many stages.

There is the awareness phase, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and finally—the purchase phase. It’s very important that during each step of this journey, marketers/businesses must stay in contact and keep their leads engaged and interested.
Top of the funnel marketing refers to the first stage of the buyer’s journey. While the goal is to eventually take leads to the bottom of the funnel that cannot happen without dedicating time and energy to a top of the funnel marketing strategy.

WHY is Top of Funnel Marketing so Important?

Attracting new customers and generating leads are critical steps in the success of your marketing funnel. Without these initial accomplishments, you won’t have any leads to nurture or convert to sales. It all starts with top of funnel marketing tactics, which help you establish trust and thought leadership with potential customers. It is the part of the process where a business spreads brand awareness about products and services to generate leads that will hopefully, eventually, become ‘Future customers’.

5 benefits of Top of Funnel Marketing

  1. 1)Building Trust
  2. Building confidence in your brand and establishing your business as an authority in the field can help you stay at the top of customers’ minds for a long time

  3.  2)Low Competition
  4. By concentrating on topics at the top of the marketing funnel, you gain a great opportunity for your company to produce superior solutions and surpass other similar types of sites.

    1. 3)Develop Resources for Your Sales Team
  5. Your sales staff will be able to link to all of the top of the marketing funnel content you produce if you make a one-pager with links to it and give fast answers to frequently asked questions.

    1. 4)Improves Retargeting Marketing

    When a potential consumer visits your website, you may pixel them and begin retargeting to make it simple for them to return and become a client.

    5)Building Brand Awareness
  6. In order for potential future clients to think of your brand first when they are ready to hire someone, you must develop a high-quality content strategy.

How AMS helps in succeeding with the Top of Funnel Marketing.

AMS is one of the certified B2B lead generation companies who strives to understand your business and your clients’ profiles in order to craft a meaningful, effective strategy for B2B lead generation services.

We aim to fuel your top of sales funnel via promoting your content, and assets such as Whitepapers, Infographics, Webinars, Case Studies, eBooks, Buyer guides, Informative Videos, and other digital content. We leverage performance based Multi-channel techniques, and our content publishing brands, to ensure your content reaches, and engages your ideal customer profile (ICP) at the right time, and through the right platform.

AMS helps businesses to focus on strengthening the relationship with the defined target audience up front which further helps improve metrics around getting huge amount of new leads, increasing conversion rates, and improving retention of those potential new customers.

We at AMS make sure businesses don’t fall short of leads as more leads allow to create more sales opportunities.