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B2B marketing is not as easy as it looks. In today’s world, it’s increasingly responsible for more and more things along with its core objective of advertising and promotions. Whether you own a small business or a large company, your Marketing and Sales team knows the importance of having good leads in the basket. However, you also probably know the time and process it takes to get these leads. Many businesses turn to publisher programs to get more from their leads, by saving time and increasing revenue. Here are the top 7 reasons that justify why hiring a B2B marketing agency is beneficial for a business.

1. Marketing Experts

The Marketing Skill gap does exist. 75% of marketers say their lack of skills is impacting revenue in some way, and 74% say it’s contributing to a misalignment between the marketing and sales teams, according to Oracle. B2B Agencies work with several different clients(Tech and Non-Tech) globally. They have in-depth knowledge and experience of the marketing programs/campaigns that exactly fit in for a particular product/service and region. Partnering with a B2B marketing agency gives a company access to experts in all facets of marketing: design, copywriting, digital outreach, inbound, direct mail, web development, conversion optimization, analysis and tracking, campaign creation, automation, print, advertising, nurturing, etc. The agency employs a team of specialized professionals that has deep skills in a particular area.

2. Lack of Internal Resources.

One of the biggest reason companies look to hire an external B2B marketing agency is not from lack of marketing talent, but rather because of limited internal resources. Marketing is a wide concept. If you want good results from your marketing efforts no doubt you’ll need sufficient resources to handle the marketing activities. And to do that you’ll need to hire more employees which further challenges the budget of the marketing department set by the business. B2B Marketing agency resources don’t need a full-time salary, benefits, and other overhead from your end to do your job. When you hire a good agency, that team should provide a wide range of strategic, tactical, and technology skills. Thus hiring a B2B agency works best when businesses don’t have the budget to hire an internal team for all marketing activities.

3. Cost Reduction

There is a fallacy among Marketers that outsourcing marketing activities to an external agency are expensive or costly. In reality, the cost of hiring a marketing agency is actually less than hiring a similar team in-house. The cost of hiring a marketing agency is a fraction of that needed to recruit, retain and train a full-time marketing employee. It’s only important to first understand the typical marketing agency, pricing model. For Example – On an average the total wages of any mid-sized business’ marketing department with a team of 10 members counts approx $90,000 – $150,000 each month. A marketing agency like AMS will help you achieve the same goals in a cost that’d be more than 50% less as compared to the above and that too with quality and perfection. Outsourcing parts of your marketing activities can be done at a lower cost and with less risk than either hiring your own team or working on a project by project basis with an agency.

4. Quality Leads and Brand Awareness

B2B businesses are quite aware nowadays that it’s not only enough to have ample of leads for the sales team to convert them in customers, what matters equally is the quality of the leads that are generated. This is where partnering with a B2B agency makes a huge impact. It’s significant that a marketing agency brings you qualified leads – the people who’ve shown interest in what you’re offering(MAQL’s). The challenge here is will they buy from you and what can drive them to do so. B2B agency like AMS has the ability to handle this challenge and to covert the prospects into leads and further into your premium customer through various integrated Lead generation & nurturing strategies and campaigns. If you want quality work and results in any field always go for the experts in that particular field.

5. Time Management

Along with Revenue Generation, Time is also one of the biggest challenges that B2B businesses have to face now. Time has a very important role to play in marketing campaigns especially in B2B. Generally, a Marketing and Sales team consumes approximately more than 50% -60% of the time in Prospecting, Data entry, Research, Email writing, Scheduling Meetings, and Content writing. Imagine if this time is utilized to focus more on core leads nurturing and closing of sales, what boost it’ll give to the business’ revenue generation goals!! Reducing the workload of the core sales and marketing team will definitely give them more time and space to focus on closing more sales and grow the business of the organization.

6. Flexibility & Adaptability

Outsourcing your B2B marketing efforts has another great benefit: you can adjust the work efforts w.r.t the current running marketing campaigns and strategies according to the new opportunities that come your way. While you have processes in place once a strategy has been agreed upon, it becomes very difficult to change it. But marketing is a very dynamic field, and only flexibility sets you apart from struggling competitors. Here a B2B agency adjusts according to your need and requirement even at the eleventh hour. Agencies do not hesitate to change their action plan if directed by their clients and they’ll always obey the orders of the clients and do what is best for them.

7. Sustainability

Since outsourced marketing is more affordable and effective, it is much more likely that you will be able to sustain it over a longer period of time. If a business is happy with the results achieved from hiring a B2B agency, it’ll continue to work with that specific agency for a longer period of time to gain success in the long run. And B2B marketing that is sustained is more successful – as purchases of technology solutions are often complex, it takes a long time to complete and are the result of repeated interactions between you and your customer through lead nurturing and follow up programs.

Hiring an external B2B marketing agency definitely comes at a cost(that varies as per need), but can provide significant value to any B2B business through their varied services. In most cases, the value of working with an outside agency greatly exceeds any monthly retainer fees.

The benefits of marketing campaigns to B2B businesses is clear – they only pay for high-quality results. Hiring a lead generation agency as a part of publisher lead gen programs can really help boost productivity and achieve real results.

If you’re looking for an agency who can support you with the marketing, lead generation, and brand awareness programs for your business, Apprise Marketing Services -AMS is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

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B2B lead gen costs depend on several factors, including your lead generation strategy(MQL’s, SQL’s and BANT), Target Geo, Job Titles and Target Industry. We at AMS charge on CPL(Cost Per Lead) basis. What’s CPL? — This is the most common pricing model for lead-gen businesses. We’ll just charge you based on the number of leads that we’ll deliver for your business.
Here’s an example – If you want to run a lead gen campaign to acquire MQL’s(Marketing Qualified leads) for your sales pipleline and the CPL-Cost Per Lead is $10, and you need 500 leads to make further sales, your total cost for acquiring those leads will be $10 x 500 that equals to $5000.
At AMS, Lead generation campaigns will start as soon as you complete the publisher agreement and place an order along with the campaign’s Target specifications. You should be able to start receiving leads within 5 working days in a regular batch until we reach the order limit.