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AMS provides customized B2B marketing lead generation programs to increase your customer base and sales at a fast rate, with effective quality measures to improve the efficiency of each generated lead. Our lead generation programs can be targeted according to your requirements and mapping. With our high tech lead generation methods, you can get your content delivered to the right person at the right time.

We generate leads by reaching every possible prospect and then share your whitepapers, e-books or business collaterals after confirming the details of each lead; this eliminates the chances of false information. These lead generation programs work as a backbone of your sales team to scale up your new prospects. We take complete care of your hustle in generating leads, so that you can concentrate on revenue generation by acquiring new customers.

Our Lead Generation services

  2. 1) HQL’s – High-Quality Leads
  3. 2) MQL’s – Marketing Qualified Leads
  4. 3) SQL’s – Sales Qualified Leads
  5. 4) BANT- Budget Authority Need Time

We Guarantee Quality on each Lead that we deliver:

Each lead goes through an internal verification process done by the quality team to make sure you get the correct leads for your sales & marketing activities. We develop our lead generation strategies based on your company’s service or product line and can adjust it as needed on real-time basis.

Also, Call recordings(on demand) are shared with clients to provide a clear representation of each unique requirement, supporting the most effective pre-sales engagement and ultimately increasing conversion.

Our B2B Lead Generation Services team includes:

  • 1) Researchers & tele-callers that can create validated and targeted prospect lists for your lead generation campaigns.
  • 2) Business development executives to qualify your marketing leads, pitch your offerings to your prospects, & set up appointments if required.
  • 3) Dedicated QA team reviewing call recordings for each and every lead scored.
  • 4) Campaign managers to administer and deliver your lead generation campaigns.