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The key to lead generation success is combining technology and people with process. The ability of the telemarketers to reach the end customers directly makes telemarketing one of the most convinient method of selling and marketing the products and services.

Outbound Telemarketing is an exceptional channel for lead generation & nurturing and engage prospects in ongoing conversations to:

  • 1)Gather insights that help you to target the right people with the right message.
  • 2)Build a better understanding of business needs and challenges.
  • 3)Anticipate issues and react instantly to prevent churn.
  • 4)Cultivate key H2H relationships for the long term.
  • Telemarketing at AMS

    Our call center sales professionals are your best solution for Telemarketing, New Leads Generation, Direct Mail Follow Up, Account Reactivation, Whitepapers/E-books Distribution, New Marketing Penetration, New Product Introduction and many more. Our experience coupled with in-depth business knowledge and cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver a tangible return on your investment through B2B telemarketing outsourcing service.

    We help you generate leads, convert leads into qualified sales through appointment setting, account profiling, and other telesales services.

    With human conversations powering your lead generation and lead nurturing strategy, you can maintain human interactions throughout the customer journey to keep leads engaged.