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Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that seeks engagement with individuals within a defined set of targeted companies. This approach enables marketers to tailor fit campaigns and marketing messages to specific accounts that are being targeted. ABM is most commonly utilized by B2B companies selling into an enterprise-level customer base, with the primary advantage being efficiency. By addressing the highest-value set of companies possible, companies seek the highest possible return on investment.

AMS builds programs that bridges the marketing and sales and builds relevant communications with named accounts. We generate and nurture target accounts based through content, email marketing, and through all other relevant communications possible . At AMS, we guarantee our ABM based battles are examined in an able way, to infer most extreme information. Since this procedure is more customized than others are, it encourages the customer to quantify objectives and track the level of client reach. We additionally guarantee that each level of Account Based Marketing is altogether checked to get the most exact information and yield promising outcomes.

OUR Custom ABM solutions include all of the following

  1. 1)Data – to be used for internal marketing efforts, inbound and outbound campaigns.
  2. 2)Content Syndication/Lead Generation – Targeting individuals at specific named accounts and sharing business content to promote content and generate Marketing Leads.
  3. 3)Account mapping/profiling & Data Research – Dig deeper in the named accounts and gain more insights on all the prospect’s information that is needed to sell your products or services.

Our aim is to assist companies focus on their target accounts’ buyer’s journey at a minimum cost and with a maximum ROI.