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B2B sales and marketing success depends heavily on quality of data. However, it is not enough to use the data only for reaching your prospects. Every good marketer and sales professional knows the potential value of B2B Intent data and its power to help achieve comprehensive business objectives. A good understanding of the customer needs armed with data intelligence will not only give a competitive edge, but it will also help you build a strong and consistent pipeline for the sales team to take over. Intent data can be drawn through two methods. Let’s take a look at those methods.
Internal Intent Data

Internal intent data is also referred to as first-party intent data.

This data is collected in-house via your marketing automation platform, or application logs if you have a web app.

The benefits of collecting intent data internally are that you have control over what you collect, and how you collect it.

You can also act on it immediately and customize what classifies as purchase intent to your liking.

External Intent Data

Then, there is external intent data, also known as 3rd party intent data. As the name suggests, this is collected outside of your organization, but can be put to use by your team.

3rd party intent data gets sourced via IP lookups or cookies on specific websites.

Due to the complexity of collecting and using intent data in-house, using an external provider and with behavioural data is a popular way to take advantage of this valuable asset.

Only 25% of B2B companies use intent data, but it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow your pipeline of qualified leads.

The detailed insights available through contact-level buyer intent data strategies can drive results in marketing, sales, and success. This will directly result in more leads, increased sales, reduced churn and improved sales and marketing alignment. Hit your goals faster in every segment of your business. Our consulting, constant research, and validation helps global businesses accelerate revenue through our Intent data services.